Chip Advisor

Fishers Brewery

High Wycombe

Chip advice dated: 25 June 2019 - Hash #no 1514

Up down pub ranking

As I recall (slightly hazy!) there were 3 beers on draught from Fishers' extensive range: APA (4.5% Citrus & punchy £3.50), Blonde (3.5%, Light & hoppy), English Pale Ale (5.0%, Clean, Dry, Refreshing). Oh, and there was a cider too, but I wasn't too bothered about that! I must confess though that the APA has been a personal favourite of mine for some time, so don't expect any unbiased scoring!
Not beer:
You want a non-beer score..from a brewery...oh OK, hang on a minute... £1 for softs in a can (I think?), no coffee or hot chocolate (this is a brewery you know!)
Being a brewery, not a restaurant, it was a case of BYO. When Fishers put on Brewery Nights, they have a few food trucks pull up to provide sustenance...but when Tim puts on a hash, he has a pizza delivery car!
If you're after quaint, thatched, or inglenook...or any such traditional-sounding pub descriptions, then Fishers is not for you. However, urban vibe, industrial, or pallet box seating...and yes, now you're talking, this is Shoreditch Central come to High Wycombe. The upside of a business park location is that there is loads of parking available after-hours, dogs are welcome to wander wherever they please, and the distance from seats to bar is about 3 metres...max! The only drawback might be a damp night which would limit the seating inside (actually, there wouldn't be any - standing room only!)


Summer hash + Brewery + pizza. This should be a Golden Triangle, a perfectly formed equilateral, a standalone entity...this should be an HWH3 summer fixture. Well done Tim, you've gone and got yourself an institution!


No. Date Hare Details
151425/06/19Nice Butt