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Holmer Green Sports Association

Holmer Green

Chip advice dated: 8 October 2019 - Hash #no 1530

Up down pub ranking

Two ales on hand pumps, being Tring Sidepocket which, according to Beermeister Barney, was flavoursome,but was however a paltry 3.6%, and the inevitably average Sharps Doombar. On a fizz pump, Rebellions latest monthly ale which was ...... fizzy!
Not beer:
With L & S at 50p a pint (" we don't charge for the soda") , cola at £2.20, lemonade at £2 and an albeit bog standard hot choc at £1.50, this was pretty much as good as it gets for soft swillers. True club prices - much more like it!
A huge box was duly unloaded from GM's other half's car which, it transpired, was full of a vast number of boxes of chips from the local purveyor of such. Couple this with tray after tray of bread and butter with slices carefully arranged by our Hare who had probably cleaned out the local convenience store & we should be looking at a "10". However, a suspicion remains that a bank loan was taken out for these Hash essentials so a mark has to be deducted. Great stodge up tho.
Not a cosy boozer but a barn of a sports club so not the most welcoming place to be after the Hash. A Large but rammed car park replete with potholes meets one on arrival. Plenty of seating but a bit difficult to decide who was doing better, us with the chip fest or the footballers stuffing their faces with pizza.


Approaching the Sports Centre it takes on the appearance of a Tesco delivery logistics warehouse. Not much else to be said except for this was the venue for the legendary 2012 HWH3 mini olympics. A truly great evening and deservedly won by Jamaica (only mentioned that 'cos yours truly was in da Jamaican team)! 


No. Date Hare Details
153008/10/19General Menace