Chip Advisor

The Feathers

Chalfont St Giles

Chip advice dated: 3 December 2019 - Hash #no 1538

Up down pub ranking

Whilst it was nice to see that the beer was being well looked after, the "conditioning" sign on the Tim Taylor's Landlord meant that only Greene King's perennially weak IPA together with London Pride were on offer. The Pride was, however, a very flavoursome drop well enjoyed by those who partook.
Not beer:
At last a pub not mining deep that vein of gold known as soft drinks. Still probably a good profit margin but with L & S at a very reasonable 80p a pint, cola & lemonade at £2 and a reputedly cream laden hot chocolate at £2.50 the soft quaffers were practically doing cartwheels!
Fair sized bowls of pretty tasty offerings although, possibly due to a lack of effort in hunting them down, no sign of those essentials, namely ketchup, mayo and vinegar. A nice touch was the addition of scotch eggs - no sign of veggie versions though.
A great welcome from pleasant bar staff who ushered us through the refurbished pub via a tunnel like corridor to the inner sanctum which was beam laden with bench seats newly clad in fancy leather. Slight nuances from the adjacent toilet but overall a nice location. could have been a bit packed with a full HWH3 complement.


After failing as a restaurant which served steaks on stones the Feathers has been refurbished and opened recently as a proper village pub. (Gone is also the ex-pub restaurant next door where the drinks list comprised vodka, vodka and vodka.) The owners apparently have plans for the future and have installed a well rated chef serving a decent menu which ain't cheap but this is Chalfont St. Giles don't you know. Full of character, the pubs only noticeable failing appears to be the lack of a car park which brings into play the back of the Co-op.


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