Chip Advisor

The White Lion

Cryers Hill

Chip advice dated: 7 January 2020 - Hash #no 1543

Up down pub ranking

Only two ales on offer - Pride, very decent pint, well kept and flavoursome. Courage Best (worst?) a rare sight on the circuit. Untried although Hashimoto Mark's face when supping it probably told a story. Often a beer for those who consider self harm an acceptable pastime!
Not beer:
L & S at a very reasonable quid a pint, well it's only fizzy water and a wave of lime juice that has usually been watered down. Pepsi (there's posh) cola and lemonade at a fairly standard £2.70 although an extra 10p for fat cola. No hot choc on the night as apparently the sachet had already been sold but apparently, when they get a new one, it comes in at £1.
With a small interior and large turn out, the boozer was rammed making essential bar runs rather difficult and the partial removal of clothing a fairly common occurrence. Whilst some would say that the interior is characterful, others might say that it rather leans towards tatty. A pleasant welcome by a landlord who has rarely seen so many punters.


At the top of the never ending Cryers Hill, often up above the cloud base, lies the White Lion. This is a 17th century old style boozer with a half decent car park and an interior sporting beams and prints depicting local life in olden days. HWH3 last ran from here several years ago and much time was had ticking off the internal features which had not changed since. So, something of a time warp where evening catering extends to the giddy heights of crisps, nuts and, if you are lucky, pork scratchings. 


No. Date Hare Details
154307/01/20Conehead & Luke
Silly Hats Hash