The Fleur De Lis


Chip advice dated: 23 January 2018 - Hash #no 1440

Up down pub ranking

Alas, yet another pub who cannot seem to manage to get more than two ales on. GK's "I can't believe that it's beer" IPA with only Shepherd Neame Spitfire for company. The oldest brewery in England, S.Neame mainly produces ales which are better enjoyed with a touch of self-flagellation.
Not beer:
For fans of the green fizz happiness at only parting company with 80p. Once again, the brown fizz was way more expensive at £3.10 a pint. No choccy on offer. Never mind the disparity in the salaries of male/female actors, what about the disparity in the price of softies with a rip-off for the powder, water & carbon dioxide cola?
Yay!! After two chip-free weeks and a warning letter from the Potato Marketing Board we were back in business. Well needed after another, even longer Kenathon - for Short read medium, for medium read long, for long read half marathon! They were right tasty, not a surfeit but a bit of Mr Chips style moving from bowl to bowl did the bizzo.
Not big on car park but plenty of adjacent kerb sides available. When the "shorts" eventually staggered back at 9.30 the boozer was deserted with nice furnishings but morgue-like with no tellies, machines or customers. Things did improve once the rest of the knackered pack crawled across the threshold.


The Fleur used to be well remembered for punch-ups, rancid German Shepherds & pikey customers who could just make the short distance from the boozer to their chrome-covered vans. It has doubtless improved over recent years and now boasts a well-respected food menu and, when they appear (not on Tuesday nights apparently) a decent bunch of punters. Stokenchurch remains a somewhat strange village split between the fairly well-heeled who probably frequent the Kings Hotel and the less-well-to-do including the boy racers happy with their noisy drainpipe-sized exhausts and White Lightning cider.


No. Date Hare Details
144023/01/18Keyboard Ken
130611/08/15Keyboard Ken
127330/12/14Kamikaze & Kezzer
119813/08/13Keyboard Ken