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The Old Swan

Swan Bottom

Chip advice dated: 9 June 2015 - Hash #no 1297

Up down pub ranking

Not a huge range and despite being rather parched, I didn’t try the posh Warsteiner (memories of Mark’s £4.95 pint last week abounded), but instead plumped for a very good pint of Chiltern Brewery’s finest, well-priced at £3.30.
Not beer:
£1 for a shot of lime, and the soda free…as much as you want (so a pint the same as a half) - sounds like one of those clubs where blokes pay to enter, whilst the ladies walk in without a care in the world. Didn’t find out what a pint of coke cost, and Andy wasn’t drinking ‘grape juice’ this week, so maybe somebody else could fill in these gaps?
£20, 10 bowls, 2 varieties (thick & thin), but only 2 bowls of condiments, so our table was reduced to ‘begging’ for dollops on a side plate. I didn’t get Barney’s expert chip feedback, as he was still recovering after one of Matt R’s cygent-ure runs, but
Comforting oldie worldy pub complete with a generously-proportioned square bar and ‘haunted’ tables. Separate food area, though we didn’t see anybody else in apart from a couple of non-plussed local drinkers. Plenty of parking outside and apparently set in nice scenery….although we mainly saw the inside of endless woods so I can’t really comment (note -there was an open field with a nice sunset, so I stand semi-corrected)


Hummery: Low beams, uneven flagstones, and good beer make for a very pleasing refreshment stop ‘aht in’t country.

Overheard on the hash (9th June 2015)

“It’s like Rambo First Blood meets the Matrix - bobby-trapped woods and lots of men in blue shirts running past” [Matt W muses on the joys of Matt R’s hash]

”All the FRB’s were wearing blue - Ant,  Alan, Aaron…even Andy.”  “Well, technically that was more dark blue, and Andy’s more of a FB than an FRB” [Sarah & Matt debate The Matrix link]

 “Do you think we’re actually on a hash….or are we being led to a clearing where we’ll be piled into trucks and driven off to somewhere in E.Europe” [Dr Dan debates his immediate future]

”If a Saudi blogger gets 1,000 lashes, what would you give this hash? “Oh, at least 100…for starters” [Dr Dan debates Matt R’s immediate future]

“Could somebody else go first please - I don’t like nettles” “But you’ve got running tights on” “I know but I’ve also got very sensitive legs”  [Helen tries and fails to bargain with the Hash]

6 F*cking Falses! [Numerous]

”Simon made the Shorts run - we actually did a 6 On-Back…even though there were only 4 of us!”[Whipping Boy starts to outstay his welcome with the Shorts]

“It’s amazing - with all the Summer Shiggy around, Paul didn’t moose once” [sound of crashing beer glasses in the background]  ”Ah, that’ll be Paul’s beer moose” [note: the barman did say the tables were wonky….or haunted….or maybe Paul was just plain clumsy - pick whichever you prefer]


No. Date Hare Details
119706/08/13Doormat & Happy Feet