Chip Advisor

The Belle Vue

High Wycombe

Chip advice dated: 11 February 2020 - Hash #no 1548

Up down pub ranking

Not four candles but four ales. On the good side, a nice drop of Adnams with both Broadside & Ghost Ship featuring. On the not so good side, Rebellion's IPA and, amazingly, an even weaker ale, this being Jennings Night Vision plumbing new depths at 3.5%. Three real ciders on offer although the £5.20 ticket for Old Rosie pretty steep.
Not beer:
Oh dear! After ascertaining that the L & S was a very reasonable quid a pint, comes the bad news. Cola & lemonade at a pretty eye watering £3.70 a pint which had a few of us checking their change in disbelief. Hot choc done & delivered in a big mug for £2. Only trouble was that our resident expert declared it completely undrinkable & so it remained!!
Massive supply of chip shop style gob fillers. The rare occurrence of Moose, our Hare, whipping us on to complete the difficult but enjoyable challenge of finishing up the vast surfeit. What a blow out and where was Mr. Chips when you need his hollow legs & trencherman sized appetite.
A Dante- esque interior with red walls painted in what looks suspiciously like the red lead paint used to try to keep the tin worm at bay from ones banger. Not much by way of furniture with what there was looking like it had come from a reclamation site with wobbly stool and tables of an unknown parentage. Exposed floor boards - at least they have got rid of the sticky beer & other fluids soaked carpet. So, an experiece or a dump but it has something ..............


Adjacent to the railway line, and definitely not in one of the more salubrious parts of Wycombe, the Belle Vue, or BV as it declares itself as, is something of a throwback to a different age. It has a good selection of drinks and is more of a rough & ready venue boozer with live bands and vinyl nights helping to keep it afloat. Clientele includes a motley collection including banjo players, so called poets and, on the night we visited, transvestites, one of whom was built like a rugby full back and had great difficulty in looking convincing in spite of the apparel. The scene is completed by a bar person who, although both friendly & hard working, urgently needs a translator. 


No. Date Hare Details
133119/01/16Muttley & Dashwood Dick
121917/12/13Dashwood Dick
Christmas fancy dress run
117719/03/13Mr Eager