Chip Advisor

The Full Moon

Little Kingshill

Chip advice dated: 21 January 2020 - Hash #no 1545

Up down pub ranking

Four ales on the hand pumps - Pride, Tim Taylor's Landlord, Tribute and, for those not yet out of school, Rebellion IPA. All well kept and, although the Landlord took an age to pour, very enjoyable.
Not beer:
Apart from the L & S, good value at a quid a pint, and the choccy, loaded and £2.70, difficult to discern the relevant facts regarding the cola & lemonade. This was due to the bar person contacted presumably being from some far flung eastern european country but it seems that they were £1.80 for a glass of unknown size and £3.50 for a bigger glass, equally of unknown size.Note to self, must learn basic Romanian,Estonian, Russian etc.
As previously enjoyed at this venue, the chips were delivered in heated containers of epic proportions. Not only were there loads (even some left over after the massed chomping thereof) but they had a hand cut look , or potato misshape look whichever is your preferred description, and were simply scrummy.
The plentiful number of diners having departed, we had most of the pub to ourselves which was good news considering the large turn out. Beam laden, characterful and welcoming and with tile flooring for the accommodation of the doggies, a truly nice place to be post Hash.


As previously recognised by none other than Scribbler, this is a proper pub. Situated as it is, a little off the main drag, it is rarely short of punters and quite rightly so. Well respected for decent grub at sensible prices, well kept ales and those most wonderful of things - beer festivals, it seems to continue to flourish. A secret worth keeping for future visits to this cracking pleasure emporium.


No. Date Hare Details
154521/01/20Twinkle Toes & Lady Spooner
117505/03/13Rocky Road
104019/10/10Rocky Road & Dave