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The Boot and Slipper


Chip advice dated: 10 March 2015 - Hash #no 1284

Up down pub ranking

In the words of Mrs Merton, "Let's 'ave a heeeated debaate!". +ves: Sidebar(3.6%, £3.54)ranged from OK to good and was reasonably priced. -ves:Only 2 other beers on, Greene King IPA (which nobody tried) & Pride (which everybody seemed to try) - comments ranged from "My 1st pint was awful, -7, my 2nd was just bad, -3" [Gerry - but why did he have 2 of the same if it was so bad?!] / "The 1st time in over 200 hashes I've had to send a beer back" [Andy - though he'd already drunk well below the imaginary 'Rejection Line'] / "Faint whiff of bacteria, could have been watered down" [Hawkeye Snowdon's latest conspiracy theory].
Not beer:
Although the L&S was on-track price-wise at £1.60, there was too much soda, not enough lime...."The 1st time in over 100 hashes I've had to send a L&S back" [Nikki - also having sailed close to the 'Rejection Line'] We do have a new variant on STD corner though - Jo sneaked in with a Blackberry & Soda 'B&S' which was almost half the price at why does Lime cost so much? - I think another Mrs Merton 'heeeated debaate' is called for! Elsewhere Rose's Pinot Grigio was 'alright', but there were some mutterings about the speed of hot chocolate service from the Shorts...who complain about everything anyway, so go figure.
We're starting to get very 'Michelin' now this rating system has been introduced; "No condiments", "Where's my vinegar?!", "Nothing special...but nothing much either". Mike was reduced to chip-hopping [pinching chips from other tables whilst jealously gua
A wide range of scores...though all low, ranging from Helen's -54 (they wouldn't allow Poppy in) to Dan's diplomatic 4, "I mean it's alright, and after all, we do have our own area, don't we?" [ HWH3 tends to 'create its own space' on account of how quiet and unobtrusive we are...especially on Tosca Night]. On the +ve side, plenty of parking though - hooray!



A pub which wouldn't look out of place in an airport - parking-rich, but beer-poor, with a 'passing through' mentality suggesting the punters are biding their time before moving on to somewhere nicer. 

Overheard on the hash (10th March 2015)

  • Which 'ham' are we in - Amersham or Chesham?[Jo]
  • Where did you 2 come from - out from behind the waterfall?[Dick to Matt & Simon who had been playing catch-up. Would that be 'frogging' rather than 'dogging'?]
  • I think Ken's got the scent of home - he's just gone straight through that hedge and almost clipped a parked car [Andy, following Ken's exhortations of, "It must be this way"... It wasn't]
  • Well, as the crow flies it's less than a mile from here" "Is this one of your Ledbury crows Roger, or Ledbury cows? i.e. a load of bullshit?" [Roger & Matt passing the time of day]


No. Date Hare Details
128410/03/15General Menace
112320/03/12General Menace