Chip Advisor

The Harte & Magpies


Chip advice dated: 20 August 2019 - Hash #no 1522

Up down pub ranking

Nice long bar with plenty of bar staff. However, for a pub which mentions being an "ale house", to have only two beers on tap was very disappointing, especially as one of these was Rebellion's beer look alike IPA. The Doombar was acceptable however. Mortimer's Orchard apple brain damage pretty good.
Not beer:
"Oh yes, you certainly can have a pint of lime & soda" said the bar person getting a buzz from the thought of the 900% profit margin whilst salivating at the thought of ripping off another unsuspecting punter. Pump cola & lemonade at £3 a pint. No idea on the hot choccy as it was too warm for our resident expert to sample.
Plenty of decent sized bowls of decent sized chips and how nice to get one plonked in front of you whilst pontificating propping up the bar. Mr. Chips, as usual, patrolling and bowl emptying whilst engaging Hashers in conversation to take their mind off the fact that he was eating their chips!
A beam laden interior to the one spacious bar with plenty of seating made for a harmonious space to enjoy the post Hash discussions. Plenty of parking in the large adjacent car park and, with mercifully few other customers, no problem for the GM to deliver his customary monologue.


The Harte & Magpies is situated next to the HST3 (high speed traffic) route between Beaconsfield & Amersham on which passing the pub at less than 65 is seen as being positively wimpish. It is an old establishment, well thought of for a good blow out at not too expensive prices and frequent host to car clubs, ramblers parties & live bands. Dog & walker friendly and boasting old pews, booths and snug corners it is most welcoming. If only their proclaimed boast to being purveyors of a plentiful selection of ales, it could be an excellent watering hole. 


No. Date Hare Details
152220/08/19Female Prerogative & Lawrence
142624/10/17Sarah & Speedbump
134419/04/16Mr Chips & Judy