Chip Advisor

The Jolly Farmer

Cookham Dean

Chip advice dated: 17 February 2015 - Hash #no 1281

Up down pub ranking

Rebellion IPA (£3.60) and Roasted Nuts (£3.70) were on tap and very well-kept, with a reasonable (if unexciting) selection of other big brand beers. Per the barmaid, they used to serve Windsor & Eton, and I was advocating stocking Mean Brewery beers, but the new landlord is apparently rather reluctant to branch out.
Not beer:
£2.50 for a STD! Gasps of shock, horror, and dismay echoed around the bar. Who cares about the wine list or hot drinks after this!
Chips were rather straggly & minimal...and Mike hadn’t even had any first for once! Sauces were an afterthought, although Ant’s birthday snacks stopped any grumbles.
Main bar had an open roaring fire, roomy side bar (perfect for segregating hashers... and Roger), reasonably friendly (though not overly swift) service, with plenty of parking outside /across the road near the church.


Hummery (Hash Summary)

A bit out of the way, but well worth a long as you stick to the beer!


Overheard on the hash (17th Feb 2015)

  • “I’m not particularly keen on pink...but pink seems to like me” Nikk]

  • “It’s MY birthday July” Aud not wanting to be left out of the ‘Hashy Birthday montage

  • “You sound like Mike Bushell, but he looks much bigger on the tv”

  • “I can’t be arsed to try and change it - I’ll just tell Sarah to take it to the garage....I might say

    please first though” Andy ‘Icebreaker’ after fiddling around for ages under his car bonnet pre-hash


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