Chip Advisor

The Crown


Chip advice dated: 5 March 2019 - Hash #no 1498

Up down pub ranking

Although not personally sampled due to the ingestion of antibiotics, beer correspondent Barney declared the Abbot " not quite right". Translation - it was crap. Also available Rebellion Gold, their latest monthly attempt at making decent ale & the unmentionable G. King IPA. Thrilling at 3.6%!!
Not beer:
The Crown used to have the cheapest L & S at 20p. Now up many percentage points at £1.50 although the bar person did say the lime was "quality" and that you could have up to 5 shots. Lemonade, cola and choccy all between £2.65 and £2.80 which, although not terrible, ain't brilliant either!
Barney : Chips were crispy fries accompanied by buttered bread and whilst the butty making soon ran out the supply of chips didn't. More bowls kept arriving right up to when we were preparing to leave. Must be a good 8 to 9.
Difficult to assemble together due to the rambling nature of the one substantial bar, this exacerbated by that most disappointing Tuesday night thing - other customers. However, a decent car park and handily placed Church parking opposite helped to only get slightly soaked and no Transneto to send the locals heading for the exit.


Large roadhouse style, one through bar style boozer near the top of the precipitous road down to Wycombe. With pool ( dumbed down snooker), darts, tellies for the footie, pub stodge and decent parking it is a target meeting place mainly for the young or young at heart who can be seen heading down to it like a column of ants to get lagered up.


No. Date Hare Details
149805/03/19Chicken Licken & Glenn-fiddich
139711/04/17Chicken Licken
136116/08/16Mr Eager
131720/10/15Mr Eager & Scribbler
123729/04/14Chicken Licken
117212/02/13Chicken Licken
115509/10/12Mr Eager
104630/11/10Chicken Licken