Chip Advisor

The Crown


Chip advice dated: 29 May 2018 - Hash #no 1458

Up down pub ranking

"Sandra bought me this's rather nice and can't be Rebellion...'cos I hate Rebellion...they always put something in always gives me a massive headache. Do you know what it is?" "It's Zebbedee, Hawkeye...from Rebellion." "Oh." A rather Rebellion-heavy offering was on offer (good job Mick wasn't here) with the eponymous Zebbedee (£4.10) proving rather popular at the bar.
Not beer:
Ouch! £2.00 L&S...didnt even dare catch Ken's eye to enquire about the cost of the sound of it, the coke of the white variety might have been better value!
"Great chippings" as Mick would say were he here...or "Hmph...chomp chomp" as Mike would say were he here. But they weren't, which meant all the more chips for us. Conehead discovered that if he kept his hand raised, more chips came to we made him keep his hand in the air for a good 10 minutes!
Even by Roger's lofty standards, he was 'on form' last night - everything from perverted nettle whippings to to the Ulrika/Valhalla mash-up and finally Yob's salty cramps - it was all there, all out on show, all hanging loose and dangling. Not that that should detract from the all-round bonhomie and generally exuberant post-hash atmosphere - we all survived Cockers' hash and the deluge! Plenty of parking (though we did fill most of it up) but not plenty of bar staff so service was a little slow. Likewise, we managed to fill up the entire pub and hence displaced some of the random tables...well Roger's speech seemed to be a signal for all the non-hashers to leave.


A good 'ol traditional pub, set on the side of a ridge...which means we always seem to run down from it, or back up to it...usually both! So, it's a good job that the beer and chips are decent fare, otherwise that might take the edge off a pleasant hash. 


No. Date Hare Details
144820/03/18Truly Scrumptious
136904/10/16Truly Scrumptious
133915/03/16Keyboard Ken
130901/09/15Truly Scrumptious
123806/05/14Dashwood Dick
100709/03/10Dashwood Dick