Chip Advisor

The Whiteleaf Cross

Princes Risborough

Chip advice dated: 14 June 2016 - Hash #no 1352

Up down pub ranking

Decent range of beers, including a very palatable 'Back of the Net' which I sampled....twice....hence managing to hit the 'back of the net' a few more times than the English football team at Euro 2016 - another reason to keep on drinking.
Not beer:
Too pricey on the L&S front, which no amount of L or S can make up for.
Chips were fact they were very plentiful, albeit without condiments and other fripperies, meaning that the solitary large bowl of ketchup became a more prized commodity than a bowl of chips. A very practical demonstration of Marshall's 'Law of Supply & Demand' - not often you read that in a pub report eh?
Nice and snug, if not a bit 'front-bar orientated', so I'm sure we managed to piss off a few of the locals in the process, especially as the GM's speech went on a tad longer than usual (bear with, bear with) on account of the Monthly Tosca Awards....won by....erm....I can't remember....but I was listening...honestly!


Hummery: Luckily for us, Barney didn't take the pub's name 'The Whiteleaf Cross' literally and crucify us up that particular hill, so beloved of High Wycombe Cycling Club and their Hill Time Trials, and hence one of the reasons I don't cycle with them anymore.....but that's another story entirely. Inside, it was snug and cosy, which was lucky as we enjoyed a 'typical' English Summer's Evening (i.e. raining outside). 

Overheard on the Hash:

Again, I was restricted by injury so confined to the Walkers.....and they're a mucky lot, so I don't really think there's anything which is reprintable here - you'll have to wait until I'm back with the runners!


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