Chip Advisor

The Dashwood Arms


Chip advice dated: 6 March 2018 - Hash #no 1446

Up down pub ranking

Now there's a thing. Rebellion Roasted Nuts being top banana. Mind you, it did display the classic Rebellion trait of being great, good, fair, not bad, clag as one emptied the glass. Other offerings were Skinners Betty Stoggs (Big Girl!), the bland but reliably average Doombar and the accursed Rebellion IPA.
Not beer:
Once again a rip off with lime & soda at £1.80 a pint and cola of some description and parentage at a fairly hefty £2.70. With a cost per glug of pennies for chemical fizz delivered from a multi drink pump which probably hasn't been cleaned since Accrington Stanley were last at Wembley, it really isn't on.
Now these were proper jobs. Designed by someone with a straight edge, they were mostly geometrically perfect, crisp, piping hot and some built like a rugby fullback, sized to require serious attention to dispatch. Yum.
A bit of a rag, tag boozer with three areas, the flow of which is destroyed by a big chimney & fireplace. Keyboard declared it would be better if this was demolished but then added that as it holds the roof up this was probably rather unwise. Given our reduced numbers, we were able to huddle in just one area which was convivial. Plenty of parking out back and on the road out front.


Lying along the old A.40, a road where only one in a gazillion cars pass by, the rest foraging on the motorway, the Dashwood is kept afloat by an enterprising landlord putting on music nights, quizzes, biker rallies, scooter ( not moped!!!) rallies, bring & buys, fetes, jumble sales, knock Roger off the donkey, morris prancers and in fact just about anything that will pull in a punter. Well done & good luck!


No. Date Hare Details
158301/06/21Keyboard Ken
142019/09/17Truly Scrumptious
St Valentine's Day Fancy Dress run
125716/09/14Dashwood Dick
121810/12/13Mr Eager
116518/12/12Truly Scrumptious & Kezzer
109030/08/11Mr Eager
105028/12/10Dashwood Dick
99522/12/09The Blonde
99315/12/09Truly Scrumptious
97801/09/09Kezzer & Kamikaze