Chip Advisor

The Britannia


Chip advice dated: 10 January 2017 - Hash #no 1384

Up down pub ranking

One premium ale called summat Boot - can't remember the first name, very nice and supporting cast of a decent IPA and two session beers for those who want quantity over quality. 4 pints and a "soft" £19 so not cheap!!
Not beer:
L & S a very reasonable price at £1.50 as was the fizzy brown stuff at £2.30 a pint. Loaded hot chocky was pricey but , according to our expert Aud, very nice.
Quite a few petite bowls of well cooked fairly chunky chips with an eventual supply of ketchup. Well enjoyed, especially by Mike who flitted between tables and hovered like a modern Dracula before decimating both the chips and following cakes and sweeties.
Although some didn't like the fact that there was a band on, most seemed to enjoy the sing along and it was nice to have our own dedicated area. Roger's mimed delivery of merited T Shirts was priceless.


In 2012 something strange, and some say rather wonderful happened. The dump known as The Britannia, well avoided by HWH3 as it was prone to yobbos, punch ups, spitting and knuckle scraping contests and generally unpleasant, got purchased by Hertfordshire brewer McMullen. A strange location for an 'Artford brewer but they proceeded to turn this much maligned venue into a nautically themed, light bedecked and rather civilised ale & nosh house. Much glass, portholes and an electricity meter spinning wildly are now on offer for the more civilised clientele.


No. Date Hare Details
149329/01/19Seagull & Fat Boy