Chip Advisor

The Stag

Flackwell Heath

Chip advice dated: 10 September 2019 - Hash #no 1525

Up down pub ranking

Being so near to Marlow, Rebellion was a shoo in for the beer selection. Selection in this case means two ales. IPA was created as a strong ale to supply to our troops in India but Reb's version is wishy washy and completely undeserving of the title of IPA. Also on offer Zebedee which, after the usual twang, was a very decent,refreshing pint.
Not beer:
The joy,or relief, at getting a pint of L & S at a very reasonable quid was quickly dissipated by having to fork out £2.85 for a pint of cola or lemonade. Not the worst example of highway robbery, but not exactly cheap either. A fully loaded (according to the bar staff) hot choc comes in at £2.95.
Bowls were small but chips were comfortingly big and looked the part. Quality control once again carried out by Mr.Chips who effortlessly hoovered up, moving from table to table under the pretence of having a conversation whilst stuffing his gob.
Decent car park, nice beamy olde worlde interior, decent service at the bar and, once the cupboard sized area fronting the telly had been vacated in favour of the dining area, plenty of seating to accommodate another excellent turn out. All in all, very pleasant.


A character pub of unknown vintage, The Stag sits laid back from the road. The view from the back of the boozer is, as is stated, over fields whilst the front aspect is somewhat less appealing, taking in some local 'ousin. Like many pubs in the area, it has been closed for an extended period but has risen like phoenix from the ashes serving English grub. Hopefully, this laudable effort to keep alive the premises as a pub will be a success. Would be nice if they realised that there is a world of beer beyond Marlow!


No. Date Hare Details
152510/09/19Stalker & Stingray