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The Crown


Chip advice dated: 15 December 2015 - Hash #no 1325

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Per Mick ‘Beer, truly lousy, not just me but Kevin, Paul, Hawkeye et al all found the Young's and Crown Royal cr*p, particularly at £4 a pint! 8/10’ Per Andy ‘I tried 2 ales at £4 a pint each, neither of which was very nice’ Per Jess, ‘£4,90 for a pint of Heineken - or they charged me for my soda water!’ Per Paul ‘£4.60 for Kronenberg - expensive’ So, the beer was either cr*p, expensive, or both depending upon which pint you were unlucky enough to get Serving fizzy lagers out of a pressurised keg isn’t exactly the mark of a good landlord, so 2 points for the fact that they had beer on AND managed to serve it.
Not beer:
Per Mick ‘Softs - £1.20 for medium L. & Soda, £2.50 for hot choc ’
Per Mick ‘Chips - Yummy but ran out a bit quickly 8/10’ Per Aaron, ‘Chips 10/10’ The Crown did manage to redeem itself on the ‘Food’ front (there again, it is a ‘gastropub’), although I’m not sure that the hashers were sticking to the pub menu…… ‘The cake was REALLY nice!’ (Sandra)……’There was CAKE?!’ (Alan)
Per Mick, ‘Hashmosphere - Most of the boozer to ourselves but split into two groups’


Hummery: The word ‘gastropub dining’ on the pub’s official website is rarely a great omen for a hashers, and when ‘awful’ beer tops the £4/pint mark, no amount of C18 village charm is likely to save it. Good chips though!


Overheard on the hash (15th December 2015) 

Not much again….or else everybody is very well-behaved when I’m not around?


No. Date Hare Details
160319/10/21Helles Belles & Ron