Chip Advisor

The Horse & Jockey

Tylers Green

Chip advice dated: 31 October 2017 - Hash #no 1427

Up down pub ranking

Plenty of ales including GK's Abbott, Tim Taylor's Landlord, Hobgoblin Gold et al. These were well kept and, although the £4 a pint for the Abbott was pushing it a bit, in all a very decent quaff.
Not beer:
L & S a bit pricey at £1.75 for a pint and cola at £2.60 per Keyboard. Although we have experienced even dearer prices, from bar staff in striped tops and masks presumably, we have had a lot cheaper too. No choccy on offer - Boo,Hoo.
Decent on the quantity front although not a surfeit. Not the finest spuddy bits on the circuit but still a decent chops full. Sachets !! Whoever invented these near impossible to open things needs shooting. Busting to get a pile of ketchup and ain't risking using my teeth to open the damn things at my dentists prices.
Plenty of seating in what is a good old style boozer. None of your fancy accoutrements associated with many nouveau so called "gastro" pubs. A good atmosphere, well enjoyed.


The Horse & Jockey used to be part of the horsey duo with The Horse & Groom situated on the other side of the common and now, sadly, a vet's practise. Another one bit the dust! The H & J is just a good honest village hostelry, apparently noted for decent scoff at prices which don't cause apoplectic fits, and serving a decent range of ales and proper cider. A good example of what pubs used to be like and still should be. 


No. Date Hare Details
142731/10/17Glenn-fiddich & Chicken Licken
129205/05/15Chicken Licken
120517/09/13Chicken Licken
100602/03/10Dave & Rocky Road