Chip Advisor

The Crown Inn

Farnham Royal

Chip advice dated: 14 November 2017 - Hash #no 1429

Up down pub ranking

On return to the pub there stood Dave. I think face like a bulldog licking pi** off of a nettle was the right expression. The proffered Shipyard IPA was truly awful as Dave mentioned several times although the barrel was eventually changed. The pubs own "Crown Ale" the only other ale on offer and this was a decent drop.
Not beer:
Two quid for L & S and a glass of cola priced at £2.10. 16 oz glass? - I shall never understand the rationale behind mixing weight and volume! Hot choc decent but at least £2.50 a shot.
WOW. Not only a good dollop of slim jim chips but also meaty things, massive onion rings and toasted bread strips with butter, not the healthier but sometimes nasty spread stuff, and balsamic vinegar to dip ( and drip down ones clobber) Wonderful!!
A warm, welcoming room to ourselves, this like a house of ill repute, found behind a curtain. Plenty of seating including DFS's finest sofas, loads of space for the GM to sound off. All said, a very pleasant evening.


The Crown is one of those pubs that, being down a fairly unlikely lane, can be easily bypassed. HWH3 have been here before when it has been shut due to being used to film Midsommer or some such production, and also when it has been pretty awful. However, the bar has been raised and if only the owners or those who run it would invest in more hand pumps and beer to fill them, then it could be a seriously good hashing venue.


No. Date Hare Details
142914/11/17Cartwheel & Budgie
129419/05/15Hawkeye & Budgie
121129/10/13Benchbreaker & The Blonde
Halloween Hash