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The Ship


Chip advice dated: 18 September 2018 - Hash #no 1474

Up down pub ranking

Naturally, being in Marlow, the ale (all two of them!) were from the home of iffy beer at Marlow Bottom - Rebellion. Giving the IPA a wide birth, the Roasted Nuts was cold - this probably to disguise the usual twang which comes with most ales from this brewery.But, wait .... the second pint did not require gloves to handle and actually was very acceptable. £4.20 though!
Not beer:
Cor blimey guv, softies at 'arf decent prices. The L & S came in at £1.40 a pint whilst the cola, straight from the multi use it could be anything pump had Keyboard almost happy at £2.10 as he was expecting to dig down to his pocket lining. Given the location, not at all bad.
Curry night, Champions League on the tellies hence the pub was rammed. Attempts to squeeze our 40+ into the tiny front snug was never going to work but fortunately sense prevailed and we relocated to the excellent walled garden. Plenty of seating and room for Roger to do his thing.


Not quite Henley but still seriously upmarket territory, the home of botox on draft, pubs serving weird gins  as well as rums from previously unknown caribbean islands and frequented by ladies in unfeasibly high heels closely followed by highly expensive ankle surgeons. The Ship is reputedly Marlow's oldest hostelry replete with low ceilings, black beams, wood floors, a log fire and a divers helmet. A good venue when the TV's are offline!  


No. Date Hare Details
156215/09/20Not Bridget & Fat Boy