Chip Advisor

The Chequers


Chip advice dated: 30 January 2018 - Hash #no 1441

Up down pub ranking

Another week, another two ale pub. Apart from Brakspears "Best", which is weaker than my Mum's tea, there was the interestingly named Marston's The Power of 3. This wasn't a bad drop but still , at 3.9%, just failed to reach that yardstick of good ale, the plimsoll line!
Not beer:
Another example of how publicans fill there pockets by wildly overcharging unsuspecting punters who indulge in soft drinks at hard prices. L & S at £2.10 a pint followed by the seemingly obligatory big ticket for the cola at £3.60. Scandalous. Choc declared watery by our resident expert.
Good bowls full of skinny fries style offerings accompanied by impossibly small quantities of dips which resulted in the age old game of scraping out the last residue with a chip or two. Much appreciated visit from the staff asking if we wanted a chip top up. What a question.
The original old bar has a welcoming aura being what an old fashioned country ale house should look like, particularly when a roaring fire is blazing. However, this is small and hence we were spread over two areas which somewhat limited the bonhomie. It was, however, interesting watching the GM's efforts to impart knowledge or otherwise to two distinct groups. Car parking in the bomb crater area rather than the usual swamp field beyond.


In the Hambleden Valley, where can be found many beam laden twee cottages together with more modern edifices, often with 9 bedrooms but still for some reason called "cottage", lies the 18th Century Chequers. It's handsome looks and fine location often utilised by film crews, it is run by foodie note worthies and hence boasts pricey menus in complete contrast to the McDonalds style chips on offer. I say cut down on the arty farty nosh and buy a couple more beer pumps, some decent ale and some hoggin for the car park!


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