Chip Advisor

The Plough

Hyde Heath

Chip advice dated: 17 May 2016 - Hash #no 1348

Up down pub ranking

Decent pint of Pride although £3.80 was stretching ones beer fund. The hand of Rebellion has also reached out to The Plough with a couple of beers on offer. However, the Mild "excellent" per Statler!
Not beer:
Small but tasty hot choccie £1.70 (Mick). I know Mick comes over 'all peculiar' when he has to rate STD's, so I'll fill this bit in for him - pint of L&S £1.00, below average price, about average quality.
Encouragingly large bowls of piping hot, tasty chips with the added bonus of a late extra bowl landing in front of yours truly. Deep breaths and 1,2,3 ... scoff.
A small watering hole which had a capacity crowd for the night with the arrival of HWH3 and thus seating was at a premium.



Pity the elderly group who came for a quiet night out, only to run into (or shuffle slowly into) the hash. We had the front room, they had the back, but we took the bar as well in the process, and half the corridor too, and most of the parking on the common outside. Good service, great chips, and a warm atmosphere fact very warm and humid once 40 or so hashers had crammed in there!

Overheard on the hash (17th May 2016)

“What IS that thing he’s wearing on his back Jess?” “Oh I don’t know, but he’s rather proud of it”  “Looks more like a gay pride bag than a rucksack” [The Hash discuss Roger’s natty new flour-dispensing fashion accessory]

“Ouch, ah, eek, damn, shit, ouch…..!” [Roger’s nettle alley hash trail keeps the hash honest] “There is no bloody way I’m f****g doing an on back here!” [OK, maybe not that honest then!]

“Sad not to be wearing dressing up clothes this week -  I do like to get my value out of them [Chris - aka Mrs White winner - laments the French maid outfit now handing in the back of his cupboard]

“I’m table surfin'…..for chips that is……oh, that looks like a nice ‘un….come to Daddy” [Mick takes congeniality to a new level]

“…..apart from 2 hashers - Steve & Graham - who caused chaos and mistakenly went long then proceeded to get lost”  [Roger namecheck a couple of hashers during one of his shorter post hash speeches] “Why did you get lost Dad”  “I followed that bloke I was running with - he seemed pretty sure of himself, but he was wrong just about every time”  “You followed Hawkeye on a hash?! ‘Nuff said!”

“This is the hash Paul, you can’t be subtle”   [Paul, having had some trouble filling his charity 24-hour track run, passes the paper round and Matt takes over…] “There you go Andy, the 3:30-4:30am running slot is free. And you get to hand over to Jess. Now what’s your excuse?!“Damn, I can’t think of one….!”


Rogette’s Of The Week

“And for those who want to run further, there’s a Long Long”  [Roger addresses the Hash in the pre-briefing] “How’s that marked Roger?”  [The Hash reply] “Well it isn’t really - you just go left, then right, right, and right again at the final check” 



No. Date Hare Details
145905/06/18General Menace
142226/09/17General Menace
134817/05/16General Menace
112717/04/12Mr Chips
106208/03/11General Menace
100523/02/10General Menace