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The Black Lion


Chip advice dated: 9 October 2018 - Hash #no 1478

Up down pub ranking

£3.75 for Doombar, and presumably something similar for Rebellion IPA and Roasted Nuts, although the 'Rebellion-hating brigade' wouldn't go near the latter so I'm having to guess here (a recurring theme for this hashalator write-up, as you'll see!) So, not bad prices, but fairly uninspiring range, which was even more selective given that the Roasted Nuts was off.
Not beer:
A rather cautious '6' here, since still awaiting official confirmation of the price of L&S. The last we heard x + y = £4.20, where x = L&S & y = OJ & lemonade, and since OJ & lemonade is a 'fools drink' in a pub (similar to drinking a pint of coke, as Ken will testify), then I'm guessing that OJ & lemonade has to be close to £ I'm going for £2.80 to leave a slight margin for error. Phew! Would have been easier to have just got the price in the first place!
Gotta be said, there were either plenty of chips or our table got particularly lucky...perhaps because we had 'Grumpy Helen' (see Gerry's write-up) who was very vocal in her demand for carbs. Still, nice hot, big chappies with big dipping bowls of ketchup & mayo to boot - what's not to like? Oh, we won't mention that Poppy was sick under my chair...I'm sure that wasn't chip-related though.
A funny one 'The Black Lion', tucked down a little residential side road, backing onto the it should be a charming little idyllic leafy retreat. However, it's rather more functional than that - rather soulless and bland, and we did virtually take over the entire pub. A small-ish sized car park out front, but dog-friendly (mind you, more in the woods than out so not much choice there really) and probably more pleasant in the summer than the winter.


One of the three hostelries on the 'Naphill runway', but facing huge competition from two previous POTY (pub of the year) winners either side - The Wheel and The Black Horse. It's fair to say that The Black Lion isn't in the same league as these two leading lights, but it's not a bad shout, and if you happen to be on a walk from the Le De Spencers Arms at Downley, it makes for a very nice stopping off point. But as a destination in its own right? Hmmm, fairly limited beer range and a bland interior mean that you're more likely to want to sit in the garden if you come here...but if that happens to be full of screaming kids, you may want to jog on. No offence. 


No. Date Hare Details
114514/08/12Helles Belles & Ron