Chip Advisor

The Gate

Bryants Bottom

Chip advice dated: 9 April 2019 - Hash #no 1503

Up down pub ranking

Very decent drop of Pride on offer together with surprisingly reasonable Rebellion Roasted Nuts. It is supposed to be their premium drop so it jolly well should have been a good quaff and was. For those in short trousers, and Hawkeye, Vale Real Gold at a stunningly underwhelming 3.5%. Centurion rocket job cider for those requiring apple stuff & a brain ectomy.
Not beer:
"How much for a pint of fizzy cola, a pint of lemonade or a hot choc?" - " It's all free quid sir, we like free quid 'cos it's a round sum init". Strange but true, and with L & S weighing in at an exorbitant £2.50 there was not much good news about for those who gargle the soft stuff.
When even Mr. Chips, going in as he does double handed, looks sated with eyes glazing over in delight and a top button eased off in order to accommodate even more, you know that the chips have been truly top notch. Backed up by piles of pizza slices, this was a surfeit of enviable proportions. YUM!!
Apart from the confusion in actually getting into the back room, several of our number circling the pub like vultures hovering over a carcass randomly trying anything which resembled a door handle, this is a cracking place to enjoy the essential post Hash chat & refuelling. Only complaint was the slow service by the occasionally appearing bar person.


In a steep sided valley, seemingly having travelled beyond any possible location for a hostelry, one comes unexpectedly upon The Gate, this situated in prime Hashing territory with "flat run" not a phrase likely to be mentioned by even the most Walter Mitty character type hare. A country boozer with so called gastro grub, log fires, nearly always difficult car parking unless the governor opens up his reserve field, a playground for kids or those punters inebriated on the 8% cider, this is an interesting and usually much enjoyed watering hole.  


No. Date Hare Details
150309/04/19Helles Belles & Ron
141408/08/17Helles Belles & Ron
130718/08/15Maltese Falcon
114331/07/12Keyboard Ken