Chip Advisor

The Red Lion


Chip advice dated: 21 May 2019 - Hash #no 1509

Up down pub ranking

Nice to see a pub with unusual beers on. Pig & Porter Session IPA & Exmoor Houndog. On opting for the Exmoor, a frenzied pump pulling ensued with the following bad news that it was off & no replacement was available. That left just the Session IPA which was thin but refreshing and Rebellion's gravy browning which must be sold to publicans so cheap to explain why it is just about everywhere.
Not beer:
Whilst the L & S was not too expensive at £1.60 a pint, the brown and white fizzies - aka cola & lemonade weighed in at a hefty £3.25 a go which is sadly yet another example of the great soft drink rip off which blights pubs in our neck of the woods.
Fairly small double section bowls arrived sporting MacDonald's style skinny fries in one half with skin on real chips in the other. Due to our Hare, quite rightly in my view, limiting spend on the grub to a sensible figure, there was never going to be a surfeit in pricey Penn, particularly with Mr.Chips hovering two handed like an arcade crane. Legendary rocky road backing up however.
A real olde worlde pub with stone floors, beams (alas painted over) and several characterful rooms in which to enjoy the post Hash wind down. Very short on car parking out front but plenty of space around the pond and on other adjacent roads.


Situated opposite the pretty pond in Penn, it's been closed but, just when it seemed the demise of yet another pub was upon us, reopened under new management. This is a characterful, ancient hostelry in a village where "pretty" is a most apposite word as just about everything is pretty - pretty pricey. Only the locals or seriously monied passers by can afford the cars in Slades Garage whilst more humble mortals can only stare in wonder at their stock before rushing home to check to see if the dog has yet pooed out the lottery tickets. 




No. Date Hare Details
150921/05/19Rocky Road & Dave
124815/07/14Rocky Road & Dave
114017/07/12Rocky Road