Chip Advisor

The Plough


Chip advice dated: 18 July 2017 - Hash #no 1411

Up down pub ranking

Purveyors of the liquid headache Tsingtao, it is clear that the Chinese know nothing about beer and, indeed, probably rave about Slandy (Shandy). Two ales on offer, both IPA, both not strong enough to intoxicate my 4 year old grandson! An even weaker "beer" at 3.2%on offer from the fizz pumps - grrrr.
Not beer:
Lime & Soda seemed to top out at around £2 for a pint pot, but with the lime bottle merely waved over the top, it was more an L than an L & S. Those of a cola persuasion more relieved than happy at £2.40 a pint after last weeks highway robbery.
Nothing remarkable about the chippings, just decent sized bowls of decent sized tattie bits. Seemed to keep Mr. Chips happy so couldn't be bad. No sign of accompanying dips unless these were all high jacked en route to our table
Welcoming exterior, although there still fails to be much investment in the waste land known as the car park. Bricks, beams, horse brasses and other tasteful/less embellishments adorn the interior with plenty of seating due to the lack of customers, this possibly due to the well publicised evening monsoon.


Aaah Soo. Why you no wristen. The Plough, a 16th century staging post in past times is now owned by the Peoples Republic of China, purchased on the strength of a meeting between Cameron and some Chinese bod. Deemed worthy of parting with a few Yen, The Plough joins the ever growing part of our fair land not owned by us. So, along with your weetabix, pizza, water, power et al we now have The Bejing Arms. Wǒmen zhōngguó rén duì píjiǔ yī wú suǒ zhī     


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