Chip Advisor

The Pink & Lily

Parslow's Hillock

Chip advice dated: 20 June 2017 - Hash #no 1407

Up down pub ranking

Well, I’m a big fan of the Malt Brewery, and ‘The Pink’ (see, I’m sounding local already…wouldn’t want to overgild the Lily!) makes a point of always having at least one of these on tap, this evening’s offering being a lovely citrusy Golden Ale (look away Mick, only 3.9%!) at a very respectable £3.50. Elsewhere there was the usual decent selection, but as Mick was still absent on his ‘Motor-tour de France’, I lacked back-up in this respect. All good though - Mick scored it 7/10 on our last visit in Aug-16, a bit miserly I thought (on account of low alcohol content no doubt), so it’s an 8/10 from me.
Not beer:
It was £1.30 for a L&S last time (i.e. Aug-16 = not bad), but I did hear Ken having a little grumble about the price of a pint of coke. Mind you, a little grumble from Ken isn’t such a bad thing….in fact, it almost equates to Ken being ‘happy’, so it can’t have been all that bad.
Oh…for once there were rumblings of discontent (I was obviously seated at the ‘Gourmet Table’…although the words ‘Ade’ and ‘Gourmet’ have seldom been seen side-by-side on many occasions!), with the consensus from the ‘tuberphiles’ (apparently there isn't actually a word for a lover of potatoes?!) was that they were ‘old’ cooked potatoes which had been cut up and refried/microwaved and were a bit too ‘floury’. Must say, I wasn’t all that bothered about them myself, being content to simply rehydrate (soft and alcoholic) after a lengthy hilly hash. Elsewhere though, points were scored for i) presentation of chips, ii) presentation of sauces (in pots rather than sachets - some of us hasher are very high-class you know!)
Sitting outside in a pub garden on a summer’s evening is one of the rare pleasures afforded to HWH3. On the one hand, it is lovely to feel the evening warmth…and on the other, it means that you can get away from Roger more easily for his speech. I particularly liked the hashers who took refuge in the giant ‘balls’, only to find that the one open side directly faced Roger….so they had an amplified GM’s speech. Ha, serves them right!


Our annual visit to ‘The Pink’ reaffirms the point that it is both a lovely summer’s and winter’s pub…so you could say it’s a bit of an ‘all rounder’.  With a score of 75% (Aug-16: 77%) it is a consistent staple of the HWH3 hashing circle and that’s before we even delve into its literary history (Rupert Brooke, poet, used to be a regular here)…so “we’ll drink a drink a drink to lily the pink the pink the pink”…ok, so that wasn’t one of Rupert’s but you get the picture eh?


No. Date Hare Details
136009/08/16Dashwood Dick
134710/05/16Scribbler & Gritty-Arsed Fox
A Murder Mystery Hash
127903/02/15Muttley & Dashwood Dick
121412/11/13Louise & Whipping Boy