Chip Advisor

The Bounty

Bourne End

Chip advice dated: 4 July 2017 - Hash #no 1409

Up down pub ranking

[Mick] Very quaffable Adnams Ghostship backed up by Rebellion Mutiny and the Bounty's stock Grumpy Caaaa. Nothing over £4 a pop and fairly well kept. No gripes from the Beer Grinch - well he was on softs which helps, so everyone happy [Matt] £3.60 Grumpy Cow (one for Aud there!) £4.00 the rest, prompt service, large tasting glasses...not much to whinge about here!
Not beer:
[Mick] L & S reasonably priced, Don't know the price of the fizzy brown stuff but Keyboard kept gazing at his empty can but resisted the urge to buy another so it was either double pricey or not in keeping with his immaculate taste. [Matt] £1.20 softs, although not much soft-quaffing in evidence!
[Mick] Good heaps of well cooked chips, if a little likely to leave 3rd degree burns. Loads of dippings but have to say no ketchup was a personal downer. [Matt] Ah, but there was a whole wall of sachets inside for those wishing for a morsel of English Mustard, a taste of Tartar, or a vim of other words, seek and you shall find. The only gripe from around the tables was that there was only one bowl of cheesy chips in evidence!
[Mick] Aaaah, The Bounty Bar. Another year, another Moose extravaganza across the water to the quirky emporium of good cheer. A lovely evening, decent ale and chips a go go. All in all, a very good night. [Matt] Oh arrr.... couldn't agree more!


Situated in the People's Republic of Cock Marsh, and twinned with Chernobyl, The Bounty is a venue of legend. Formerly known as "Hookies" or "Captain Hooks" in the days when the owner had a metal hand - then two metal hands when the other one presumably ceased to operate, tales of drunken nights, people disgorging into the river from the ferry, which used to be the only way of getting to & from the boozer, very flexible closing times and no easy access for the police, the Bounty has it all. Long may it flourish.


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