Chip Advisor

The Crown

Ley Hill

Chip advice dated: 25 July 2017 - Hash #no 1412

Up down pub ranking

Very glug worthy drop of Tring Pale + Four complemented with reliably decent Timmy Taylor Landlord. Also, spreading across the Chilterns like an acne rash on a pre pubescent youth, Rebellion IPA. Decent ale somewhat soured by the over £4 a pint price.
Not beer:
Jo's beaming smile at only being charged £1.20 for a pint of L & Soda, which not only had plenty of lime in it but a slice as well, said it all. No idea as to the price of the brown fizzy stuff but the lack of complaints bodes well for VFM.
Tasty,tasty, very very tasty. "Real chips" sporting skins and well cooked if a little on the cool side, perhaps due to them being scoffed Al Fresco. Suppose it beats them being nuked! Small bowls however and, once again, where did the condiments go if there were any?
As the inside was rammed, yes, customers on a Tuesday, and also there was a darts match going on, we opted to spread ourselves over several outside tables. A nice evening so a decent choice


Part of the Ley Hill duo, The Swan being right next door, the Crown boasts of being an upmarket establishment and, judging by it's beer prices, it is certainly not for those without two substantial notes of the Realm to rub together. A great Hashing location however, if a little far out, and how nice to be able to stagger from one pub to another in less than 20 yards, sorry metres .......... yards after Brexit!!!


No. Date Hare Details
141225/07/17Keyboard Ken
108709/08/11Mexican Des