Chip Advisor

The Royal Oak

Farnham Common

Chip advice dated: 7 June 2016 - Hash #no 1351

Up down pub ranking

Can't really comment as we weren't allowed in. However, as it's a Chef & Brewer chain, it's fairly standard, as per "One of the large Chef & Brewer chain, this is a large, traditionally styled food-based pub. The main eating area is towards the rear of the pub, where one can select from the wide range of reasonably priced food on offer. At the front of the pub is a seating area for non-diners. The pub offers 3 constantly changing real ales with a discount of 10%, on production of a CAMRA Membership card." So, 3 real ales (good), CAMRA discount card (good), but Hawkeye assures me that the last time he was allowed in, it was 'distinctly average'. So a '6'.
Not beer:
Can't really comment as we weren't allowed in. Again, as it's a chain, tends to be middle of the road, so a 5 pending further investigation.
Can't really comment as we weren't allowed in. Again though, turning to public rating sites (What Pub & Trip Advisor), the feedback isn't great.
Ah, at last something we can comment upon! Lots of parking (good) and erm....that's about it. A couple of hashers did nip in to use the facilities (at least I'm sure somebody did...somebody always does!), but we haven't heard back from them....come to think of it, we have been missing a few hashers recently.....scary!


Hummery: A well-appointed pub with ample car parking...shame we weren't allowed to use either! Hence, if the marks are a bit on the low side, that's what comes of soliciting a virtual pub score. In the words of the famous equity report on Maxwell Holdings when the analyst was not permitted access to most of the pertinent information (not long before Maxwell went bust) - 'Cannot Recommend A Purchas'. Read it carefully.....


Overheard on the Hash

Not much, since I was running injured and hence walking at the back with Roger. However, if you'd like to know more about mobile satellite base stations, I can fill you in if you've got a spare hour or two....


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