Chip Advisor

The Harrow

Hughenden Valley

Chip advice dated: 21 August 2018 - Hash #no 1470

Up down pub ranking

Same three ales as recent Hash from The Harrow. Very average Marstons 61 Deep , Pride & Courage Worst ( Alright it's called Best for some unknown reason). In the bar we weren't supposed to set foot in, Caledonian Golden XPA which was a reasonable drop
Not beer:
Scribbler was under the impression that the L & S, a standard yardstick of soft price & quality, was 80p a pint whereas the young, undoubtedly lovely but incredibly slow barmaid said "Nah, it's £1.30 gov". Cola was the now normal industry standard £3 for a decent glass.
Even more chips than were delivered from the kitchen on our last visit. Buckets of fries, loads of bread & spread, bags of ketchup and decent napkins which stood up well to he rigours of a post Hash feeding frenzy. Excellent!
Once again the pleasant garden came up trumps which was just as well as the available bar would have been a shoehorn job. The gathering gloom did mean, however, that it was possible to find yourself holding a conversation with a prop from the murder mystery run or a garden brolly.


A decent roadside cottage style boozer. Fitted out with all the accoutrements of those establishments trying to fence sit between traditional & modern with the usual pub bric a brac that this entails.  Pleasant carpeted back dining room which hosts the weekly quiz which seems to pull in half the local population. This vast throng logically must descend on the pub on foot, coach or helicopter as the small, odd shaped car park could not possibly support such a host. Other bar replete with a tiled floor & step trip hazard which has, no doubt, snared many inebriated punters.


No. Date Hare Details
156429/09/20Helles Belles & Ron
147021/08/18Scribbler & Gritty-Arsed Fox
Murder Mystery Hash #2
146624/07/18Helles Belles & Ron
111524/01/12Helles Belles
107828/06/11Truly Scrumptious
103805/10/10Whipping Boy