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The Fox


Chip advice dated: 19 March 2019 - Hash #no 1500

Up down pub ranking

Hotels rarely sell decent beer so, spying three Marlow products and nowt else, this thought was initially fully confirmed. Skating past the dreaded IPA, there was Loop the Loop, or was it Rope a Dope, the monthly "special" cloned from last months "special". However, the Zebedee was actually a refreshing and , apart from a slight twang, very palatable pint.
Not beer:
A frequently recurring dream is where the bar person admits that the pumped fizz only costs 20p a pint (based on factual research!!) and therefore you can have a pint for 50p - still a very healthy margin. This is still unfortunately still a dream, particularly at The Fox where the tariff of shame was :- L & S £2 a pint, Lemonade & Cola £3 and........... no hot choccy!!!
If there had have been any carpet the waitress would have worn it out as the bowls of steaming satisfyers just kept on coming. Yes, the chips were sort of misshapen, a bit like Sid James cratered face, and condiments seemed at a premium, but overall a damn good gob full.
With seating a bit at a premium, especially as there was that Hash bane - other customers, differing floor levels creating excellent trip hazards and Mexican Des managing to get a Glessga Kiss off the concrete beams on no less than three occasions, perhaps a bit to be desired.


The Fox exists in the pubs in the middle of nowhere universe and is much loved by Keyboard et al for the multiplicity of Hash possibilities therefrom, especially the availability of knackering hills up which to gleefully set ones flour. The car park remains challenging and more so when the hotel has reeled in some guests. Sporting a solitary member of the bar staff team, getting a drink is something which requires patience, a hip flask or queue jumping on some pretext or other. The business still exists despite "Terrible" actually outnumbering "Excellent" on trip advisor.       


No. Date Hare Details
150019/03/19Keyboard Ken
HWH3's 1,500th Hash!
138127/12/16Keyboard Ken
125502/09/14Keyboard Ken