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The Earl Howe

Holmer Green

Chip advice dated: 13 November 2018 - Hash #no 1483

Up down pub ranking

"Whatever you do take pride" In fact, you'd better take Pride, because that was the only ale on offer (the other was off - Doombar, used to be a decent drop, but has fallen off a cliff since the brewery was bought by Molsons for £20m in 2011 - in my own humble personal opinion!) By all accounts it was a decent pint at an average price for these parts (£3.80), but just one OK real ale ain't gonna score you more than '6' in this column!
Not beer:
L&S was fizzy and limey...didn't get round to the soft drinkers around the corner (soft as in coke/lemonade, rather than in the head I hasten to add!).
Bit of a swerveball this one, since Ant & Sarah arranged for chips from the local chippy (and very nice they were too!) on account of the Earl Howe being unable/unwilling/un-something or other to provide the requisite little fried fellas. So it would have otherwise been a '10' for Ant & Sarah's inventiveness (actually handing out packets of warm chips whilst in the queue for beer really deserves an '11'!) but given that the Earl Howe had nothing to do with this (other than allowing Ant & Sarah to bring their own chips in) garners them a rather generous '8'..for their generosity!
Bit of a squish - The Earl Howe isn't a large fact it's tiny...somewhat along the lines of The Hampden Arms in being akin somebody's front room...except without the quirky cosiness of the latter. In addition to the squish inside, there was the squish outside (note: tiny carpark) and the squish in front of the bar - no, nothing to do with a tiny barman, rather the distinct absence of any bar staff serving! This meant that the queue was actually out of the door, which made for a certain degree of cosiness (barring the open door!), albeit that the majority of us prefer to be a cosy with a beer in hand rather than without...guess that's why we're called hashers!


I pondered this for a while...why have a pub with such a grand name in what could pass for a modern family house on the edge of a modern family housing estate? Obviously nothing to do with the origins of the building, which meant it had to be something to do with the family. So, given there's not much else to say about the pub which I haven't already mentioned above, here goes...

In a nutshell, the 'Howe' name had enjoyed a distinguished military history having been elevated to 'Earl' (the 3rd Viscount was a Brigadier-General in the 1750s and the 5th Viscount served as Commander-in-Chief of the force in North America during the American Revolutionary War) but then the name effectively died out when the male lineage dried Lady Sophia Charlotte became the second Baroness Howe.

In 1799 she married the Hon. Penn Curzon (MP for Clitheroe), who was the only son of Assheton Curzon (also the MP for Clitheroe...what are the chances of that eh?!) who was himself elevated to a peer, becoming Baron Curzon, of Penn in the County of Buckingham.

With me so far?...good...nearly 1821 Baron Curzon's grandson assumed by Royal license the additional surname of Howe...and then inherited his grandmother's (Lady Sophia Charlotte) effectively from that date the Earl Howe's of Penn were formed.  

There you go - a good bit of pub trivia for all you history buffs (or bores) out there!


No. Date Hare Details
148313/11/18Speedbump & Sarah
121703/12/13Speedbump & Sarah
107110/05/11Sarah & Speedbump