Chip Advisor

The Mayflower


Chip advice dated: 6 November 2018 - Hash #no 1482

Up down pub ranking

A local landlady recently confessed that they only had the Greene King Eye Pee Eh on 'cos they had to. Nuff said! Proper beer on offer was a reasonable drop of Tribute, drinkable rather than quaffable, and Chas Wells Bombardier, this from Bedfordshire, land of the mangle worsel.
Not beer:
Very reasonable quid a pint for the lime & soda, which is still probably more than it is worth however and yields a profit margin which would make Phillip Green take notice. Brown pump fizzy stuff over priced as usual at £2.85 but a whole lot cheaper than at The Queens Head, Penn which now holds the Hash record of shame at £4.40!!!
Incredibly your correspondent didn't take an awful lot of notice of the chippings due to an enforced lack of exercise and resultant additional waistline. From memory, however, they looked chunky, well cooked, plentiful in biggish bowls and downright chompable. Doh!!
With it's wide open plan interior lacking in character in the manner of most "modernised" boozers, it does at least boast a large range of seating and plenty of room for the GM to enthrall us with another marathon speech whilst palming off Transneto on an unsuspecting Hasher.


The Mayflower lies on the straight section of road between Tylers Green/Penn (Ya Baby) and 'Azlemere (Watcha Cock). With it's neat, well shaped car park which is inadequate for a decent turn out of punters, it has a welcoming facade although, once inside, it is hardly going to set the pulses racing or encourage a CAMRA member to do anything other than head for the exit door. 


No. Date Hare Details
155711/08/20Rocky Road
148206/11/18Chicken Licken & Glenn-fiddich
145401/05/18Budgie & Pink Panter
143702/01/18Rocky Road & Fair-weather
126428/10/14Chicken Licken
Halloween Fancy Dress Run
122107/01/14Rocky Road & Dave
106422/03/11Rocky Road