Chip Advisor

Uncle Tom's Cabin


Chip advice dated: 30 August 2016 - Hash #no 1363

Up down pub ranking

[Mick] 4 Ales on offer. Pride, Courage Worst (Best), Breaks shandy strength and A.N. Other. The Pride slightly tart (Hawkeye - "the pipes,the pipes") but OK. Courage liquid headache chemical mix to be avoided. [Matt] Not the most enticing spread of offerings, to the extent that on a hot sticky night, the 'Lager boy' offering looked even more appealing....but I resisted and stuck with the L&S.
Not beer:
[Mick] Didn't see anyone sobbing into their softs so probably reasonably priced. Judy staring into space with a glazed look over the price of a half of fizzy cider however. [Matt] £1.40, very limey and one of Jo's favourite swizzle sticks to boot (though I must remember to take those out when drinking as I always seem to poke myself in the eye).
[Mick] Plenty of decent chippings with plenty of dippers. Would have been top hole if there had been more bowl and less rim! [Matt] Good 'ol big chippy chappies, a tad floury, but nicely served with plenty of dippings, and given that I was hovering by Mick's table, lashings of salt!
[Mick] Whilst the last "normal" customer did the decent thing and swanned off as we steamed in leaving the large front bit to ourselves, anyone visiting the Gents would, however, see where the refurb money had not been spent. [Matt] Mick failed to mention who was the last person to exit the aforesaid 'Gents' before it was deemed unfit for human habitation.....however, that aside, bit of a hotchpotch of a place - weird name (would be banned in most London boroughs!), cramped carpark, lovely location, atmospheric exterior, and strangely anodyne interior - basically an identikit gastropub when it promised so much more.


[Mick] A country restaurant/alehouse which strike one as being very much for the pink gin set as evidenced by the Bentley and two Range Rovers in the car park and the fact that the cheapest house in Cookham Dean retails for well over £1M. This, the car park, was an awkward shape and, being stocked with Chelsea Tractors, too small to handle HWH3. Nuances of septic tank wafted around resulting more than one queasy hasher. Gents toilet had the feel of an outside carsey, clean but pretty rough.  

Overheard on the Hash

The flour's on the right hand side, so if you see it on the're going the wrong way and it's a long way to the nearest service station from here [Phil addresses the less positionally-aware of the hashers beforehand]

Gerry's 1,000th run - that's at least 20 years worth of hashing, or before most of you here were born! [Roger's homage to Gerry - there was lots more....lots, lots more, but I must have dozed off at some point]

God, this really is hard work - I'm going to have to get fit at some point....there just never seems to be a good enough time [Kev, in the midst of 'enjoying' his 6 mile run]

It's such a pain that they keep stopping all the time - you just get a good rhythm going and then they all stand round talking.....[Minnie Cooper's little friend fails to grasp the importance of Hash Check Breaks for the older generation!]



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