Chip Advisor

The Marlow Donkey


Chip advice dated: 6 August 2019 - Hash #no 1520

Up down pub ranking

A couple of pumps not in service but three ales on offer being Abbott, which was a bit twangy at first but very fair once the sensible option of a second pint was taken, Sharp's Atlantic - a very decent refreshing drop & Rebellion's latest "monthly special". Whilst the name is not in the memory bank, it doesn't matter 'cos they are pretty much all the same!
Not beer:
Whilst a pint of L & S was a pretty reasonable price, the bar person did stress that this goes up if the punter wants "a lot of lime". Dunno what appropriate amount of lime constitutes "a lot". Cola & lemonade at £2.85 and £2.75 respectively and large choccy at £2.85 although no Aud to make a judgement on this.
Eating the chips entailed the time honoured juggling act between hunger & the risk of third degree burns to ones gob as they were fresh from the seemingly nuclear powered pan. Satisfyingly chunky, and with a good supply of condiments, they were however well worth scoffing even if a visit to the burns unit followed closely after. Yum!!!
A welcoming interior with our own Hash corner, this conveniently placed near to the porcelain shop for those in need of a visit. A busy boozer which manages to provide decent service and space for the GM to enthral us with his speech without upsetting too many other punters.


The very popular ivy clad Marlow Donkey is well known locally, both for its ability to provide decent scoff at reasonable prices and also for it's car park which is both small and seemingly designed so as to defeat many an unsuspecting punter trying to park without blocking someone in. Plenty of parking available in the surrounding roads however. Far enough away from the busy High Street to exude an air of a character boozer, it caters for customers ranging between lager youths looking for a good bucket before a visit to the local kebab van and decorating the local pavements and oldsters looking for a two for one grub deal and a half of tap water. 


No. Date Hare Details
155317/03/20Truly Scrumptious
152006/08/19Sooper & Kitty
141729/08/17Fat Boy & Sooper
129602/06/15Kezzer & Kamikaze
25th Wedding Anniversary Run
104814/12/10Truly Scrumptious