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The Fox and Pheasant

Stoke Poges

Chip advice dated: 27 February 2018 - Hash #no 1445

Up down pub ranking

Abbot was around £3.20I think. I was tempted by a pint of 'Coming Next' but apparently that wasn't in yet. A couple of other ales also on offer but I can't remember for the life of me what they were.
Not beer:
70p STD (cheap), £2.30 coke (average to slightly over), fluffy-looking hot chocolate (no idea what price). STD’s came with the requisite straw for the ladies, who also benefited from a full pint glass, whereas I had only a 3/4 pint…hmmm, positive discrimination there me thinks! Per Mick ‘Softs - dunno the exact price but Aud/Waldorf seemed to think they were cheap 8/10’
Plenty of well done chips covered with a liberal sprinkling of sausages rolls. Can't pass judgement on the sos rolls but they certainly looked the right shape.
Quite a cozy front bar, but then rather an ‘aircraft hanger of a pub’ elsewhere, apparently designed for industrialised eating events. You’d be hard pushed to say there was much atmosphere here. GOOD: Plenty of parking, reasonable service, optional dog fights (or that could be Not so Good?) NOT SO GOOD: Rather soulless big chain ‘Carvery’ pub feel. Unpleasant scrotes in the big car park who break into cars does put a bit of a dampner on the whole place.


Right - well most of that info above is just stolen from the previous Chip Advice, but hell, it's probably not changed much.



No. Date Hare Details
144527/02/18Steady & Crazy
Australia Day hash
Phil’s Aqualung Run