Chip Advisor

The Beech Tree


Chip advice dated: 15 January 2019 - Hash #no 1491

Up down pub ranking

The pipes, the pipes are calling. And calling they are for a clean through! The compendium of beer knowledge Hawkeye will tell you that the pipes need cleaning most regularly. This had obviously not been done as the Tribute, supposedly hailing from Cornwall, smelled like the bottom of a farmers wellie and didn't taste much better. Bombadier also of dubious quality and, coming from darkest Bedfordshire, it rarely is. Only redeeming factor was the £3.50 price tag.
Not beer:
£2.85,£2.85,£2.85 ... It sounded like when the needle stuck on a record in days gone by but, indeed, almost everything a large step down from beer was the same price. Redeeming factor was the L & S at a very reasonable £1 a pint although this had gone up since our last visit, presumably to pay for the new decor.
[Matt] What's the difference between £30 and £0-worth of chips (apart from the obvious £30?!) The good news was that the chips were free, because the kitchen/pub/landlord c*cked up and for one reason or another, the chips didn't arrive until well gone 10pm. The not-so-good news was that the chips were of the 3F variety - fat, frozen & featureless. Plus points for bread & butter (albeit limited) and numerous condiments (scattered about the place). So, all in all, judging it on the basis of £30-worth (had they come out on time), probably 4-5...perhaps '5' being generous (an easy '7-8' if free) [Mick] Must have been near closing time when they finally arrived, the witching or dracula hour, but don't sound like I missed much!
In a pub packed with a motley assortment of punters enjoying a motley assortment of games we were at least allowed to occupy the back room previously denied to us for one reason or another. Although characterless, this did provide plenty of seating & space for the GM to sound off without emptying the boozer.


Sitting in the only down in the uphill slog from Wycombe, The Beech Tree looks inviting from the road and has undergone something of a restoration whilst under new, new management which has turned it from a very forgettable venue to something more acceptable. It's pothole strewn dell style car park remains a challenge as does getting a pint when only one bar person is in evidence. If only some decent, well kept ale was on offer and the mania for one priced fairly expensive soft drinks was overcome, this could be a fair pit stop.


No. Date Hare Details
159310/08/21Chicken Licken & Glenn-fiddich
153405/11/19Chicken Licken & Glenn-fiddich
149115/01/19Female Prerogative & Budgie
145217/04/18Chicken Licken & Glenn-fiddich
Heisenberg’s Hash
136406/09/16Chicken Licken
133623/02/16Chicken Licken
101320/04/10Chicken Licken