Chip Advisor

The White Swan


Chip advice dated: 22 December 2015 - Hash #no 1326

Up down pub ranking

Per Mick ‘Beer - ESB Mmmmmm, backed up by Fullers winter brew 9/10’ Per Barney ‘ESB was very nice but slightly flat about £3.45 a pint. Ah, it’s a Fullers pub with 2 beers permanently on (London Pride and ESB), so it’s no surprise that Mick was so made up, with 5.5% well & truly floating his plimsoll line! However, 2 beers doth not an Xmas make, especially when slightly off their game, so Mick’s 9 is downgraded to an 8
Not beer:
Per Mick ‘Softs - No idea as nobody with or near me had any girlie stuff’ Per Sarah ‘£1.10 for half a pint of lime and soda. The pub doesn't take cards. Great food provided by our hares!’ £1.10 is slightly better than average for an STD, so a slightly better than average score
Per Mick ‘Chips - Well there weren't any but with sandwiches, mincers and birthday cake it has to be 10/10’ Per Barney, ‘Good traditional Boozer doesn't do food but Matt and Roz provided plenty of sandwiches and cake. Wassail was a 1st for the hash expertly made by Matt in the pouring rain!!’ Looks like’s Mick’s mincers might have been bigger than his belly….nah, on 2nd thoughts, when has that ever happened - nothing but crumbs ever left behind! However, we do need to distinguish between the munificence of the hares and the standard fare of the pub, since Matt & Roz cannot be there every single time (I think), so I’m not sure I can award a realistic ‘Food’ mark here.
Per Mick 'Hashmosphere - Nice traditional pub albeit of the long and thin variety 8/10’ The no card policy seems rather out-dated and could catch a few people out…there again, with 2 beers on and no food, you’ll probably manage to scrape enough loose change together.


Hummery: A small and friendly village pub’ per the website…but when did size ever matter? Well, as long as you like small rounds (only 2 bitters) paid for in cash (no cards) with no food (unless Matt & Roz happen to be around) this ticks all the boxes.


Overheard on the hash (22nd December 2015)

 Still schtum it appears….


No. Date Hare Details
132622/12/15Doormat & Happy Feet
122825/02/14Doormat & Happy Feet