Chip Advisor

The George & Dragon

West Wycombe

Chip advice dated: 27 October 2015 - Hash #no 1318

Up down pub ranking

Mick: ‘Beer 7 - 3 lots of Rebellion.Smuggler confirmed as crap by Paul. Tribute OK however.’ Hels: ‘£4.80 for a pint of Heineken!’ Paul Brewer: ‘Yeah, beer(lager) too expensive' [Matt: Thx all......when a 'Brewer' reckons the beer is too expensive, I guess you have to take notice! ] Barney: ‘Two pints and a L&S £9.60’ [Matt: OK, that makes it £3.80 p/pint assuming everybody else is right with £2 pint of L&S....or £4.30 p/pint assuming that Mike is right with a £1 pint of L&S. My vote goes to the masses!] Mick ‘Strange cos I got charged £8.60 for the same round as Barney. Just my charisma I suppose!!!’
Not beer:
Mick: ‘Softs 8 - I paid £1 for a pint of lime (plenty of it) & soda which was not too bad.’ Louise: ‘L&S £2 for a pint, £2!!!!!’ [Matt: Mick reckons he was charged £1 for L&S and the beer was reasonably priced. Does this mean that i) Mick can't remember, ii) Mick has too much money, iii) Mick had had too much to drink, iv) all of the above?] Louise: ‘It was definitely £2 for a pint, a couple of us were charged that at different times and Rose was charged £1 for a half’ Louise: ‘Point iv) by the way!’ Hels: ‘Def £2 for l&s as I had one instead of £4.80 Heineken!’ [Matt: Ah, that doesn’t sound like an ‘8’ anymore - twice the price, half the rating! = 4]
Mick: ‘Chips 7- decent quantities of both large ones and thin ones.’ [Matt: No arguments here - 7 it is]
Mick: ‘Hashmosphere 7 - bar packed so had to decamp to all corners with plenty standing.’


Hummery: A rather impressive initial 73% based upon Mick’s feedback...but quickly downgraded to 58% by the rest of the hash based on £2 STD’s and £4.80 lagers. In which case Mick obviously has more money than sense….or at least more money than the rest of you.

Overhead on the Hash (28th Oct)

Evidently nothing - nobody fell, said anything stupid, or uttered anything memorable. There again, maybe it was because I wasn't there....?!


No. Date Hare Details
131827/10/15Dashwood Dick
Hallowe'en Fancy Dress run
123301/04/14Muttley & Gritty-Arsed Fox
104523/11/10Kamikaze & Kezzer
100416/02/10Keyboard Ken