Restarting the Hash

Is there a better term than deja-deja-vu? Dementia?

It’s official.

We are re-restarting the old new-normal hash (v2) from Tuesday, 30 March (2021 for the avoidance of doubt), following the same guidelines we issued in July (in the past). For your convenience I have copied them below.

It looks like pub gardens can open on April 12th, but we will have to see which ones think it worthwhile.

We should, therefore, not park our cars in the pub car park, unless permission has been given to do so.

As it is still winter, the weather will probably do its worst on the trail, so do have access to the map, print or otherwise, and a torch with which to view it. You should not assume that the trail can be readily repaired, or even seen.

Lastly, send a group photo to Elayne, after the run, if you want a tick.

Hells Bells will be recruiting hares with immediate effect. So, if you want to go to heaven, do volunteer.

Until the pub situation is clarified, we should consider running from a car park (public or private, if appropriate) that will accommodate us and other users, both for parking and for afters.

We should each bring our own refreshments and seating/tables/beds/whatever.


July guidelines.

We run in groups that do not exceed 6 people, with a minimum of 2 (for safety).

At least one person within a group should carry a phone.

Social distancing applies within a group.

A route map will be made available by midday on the Tuesday, on the Hash website and WhatsApp group.

Do not kick the checks through as this will spoil it for those following on.

To keep a group together, each group should treat a check as an on-back.

Depending on the terrain, this could mean running to the back of your group, or performing a static version. Whatever you decide, you should not leave a check unless your group is complete.

If it happens that two, or more groups, want to start at the same time either:

Form a larger group up to the maximum of 6, or:
Let the faster group go first, and delay the start of the later group for 3 or 4 minutes. This will minimise the impact on anyone else on the trail.

Groups should not pass each other.

If you are getting close to the group ahead, perform a dynamic or static on-back.