2013 Stats

Longest hash of the year was 8.63 miles set by would you believe it Keyboard Ken from The Fleur De Lis on 13/08/13

Slowest hash of the year was also Kens hash from the Fleur coming in at 120.37 mins

Hilliest hash of the year was Mark's run from The Belle Vue on 19/03/13 which had an elevation of 944.40 ft (and consequently was the second slowest hash of the year).

It was kind of a tie for best attendend hash of the year with two hashes hitting 51 hounds. One was the New Years day hash though which is a 'special' so I think our winner should be Steve & Aud's hash from The Yew Tree on 03/09/13

And just for Alan, the most poorly attended hash of the year was Jo's run from the The Horse & Jockey on 17/09/13 with a fairly respectable 23 hounds