2014 stats

Conditional 2014 stats

Missing data for a couple of hashes, but this is the current standings...

Longest hash of the year was Anthony and Sarah's Christmas run on 23/12/14 at 7.63 miles (and some had a fair bit more....)

Slowest hash of the year was Des's run from Hawridge coming in at 155.68 mins

Hilliest hash of the year was Matt's run on the 04/02/14 which had an elevation of 991.70 ft. He will be pleased.

Top with 48 hounds was Gerrys Palmer Arms run on 22/07/14 sure that's just down to the quality of the run and no other reason.

And because Alan likes to know, the most poorly attended hash of the year was also the longest (it's as if they knew) - Anthony and Sarahs on 16/12/14 with a still respectable 21 hounds