2015 Summary

Now technically the longest hash of the year was Rob's run round Thame on 29/09/15 at 10.18 miles ... but a lot of that was by car so I'm not convinced that counts.

Alan pointed out that the gps data from David and Leslie's run which I had marked as the longest / slowest of the year actually included the time and distance it took to get from his house to the pub and back. I had corroborated the data of course ... but Sandra's data was much the same.

Soooo. The new longest hash of the year is Matt's run from the The Harrow with a very scenic 8.63 miles.

The new slowest hash of the year, beating Phil's late effort by just a minute and a half is the run from the The Fleur De Lis by, I know it's hard to believe, Keyboard Ken clocking an admirable 2hours 9mins.

In fact 6 of the top 10 longest recorded hashes in happened in 2015 - either a sign of our improving endurance or we just get lost more these days

Hilliest hash of the year was a rather engaging run on 3/02/15  by Natasha & Dick from the (not notoriously hilly) Pink & Lily with an elevation of 1292.10 ft. Clocking up over 8 miles which in a normal year might be a contender for longest hash of the year but was only fifth longest in 2015.

Once again proving our ever increasing stamina / stupidity though the top 3 hilliest ever hashes occured in 2015, with five runs breaking into the top 10.

The most popular run of the year was also the first with 46 hounds at Roger's New Year's Day run just pipping Gerry's Palmer Arms run which had 45. Of course there are those who would say that it is unfair to include these runs because of the added attraction of free beer and Rose's / Roger's / Roz's marvellous food, so in order to level the running field I suggest free beer and nosh at all hashes in 2016.

And just for Alan, the most poorly attended hash of the year was Paul's run from the Black Cat in Chesham on 31/03/15 with 19 hounds and only that because I dragged Kitty along ... or she dragged me. I do remember it was a bloody freezing evening and miles away but a very nice pub.

And that was it for 2015. Let me know if there's any other stats you want and I'll just make some up.