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Hash 1195


23 Jul 2013
8.9 km
Scribe: Sooper

You can tell it's the summer. Not just the fact we're running from the Bounty but also by the sheer numbers of children and hounds that turned up to the hash. That's hounds with four legs - not the usual kind.
I brought along four extra legs on my two children who got a valuable lesson in economics by me refusing to pay three quid to stay in the station car park. We had to park round the corner but at least they might get some pocket money this week.

Ade was still suffering from an injury - necrotising plantar fasciitis I think Roger said it was - so he was going to hare about on his bike. Good plan I think - if we did the hash on bikes every week then it'd be much quicker and we'd be back in the pub in no time.

Ade was looking good in his shades, which is just as well since Paul has decided to inaugurate a rogues gallery of hares and frankly it would have got off to a bad start if we could see too much of Ade's face.

We started off by crossing over the footbridge to the south bank. The bridge works are coming along nicely, they're removing the rust and soon we'll have a smart new bridge made entirely from scaffold poles and green paint.

The hash set off properly downstream towards Cookham. Hmmm - now I come to think of it shouldn't the Down Tow Up Flow run be called the Down Flow? No really... answers on a postcard from anyone who did it on Sunday.

Very quickly we came to the first long short split. Since I'm also nursing an injury but didn't think to bring my bike, I went short with elder daughter. Younger daughter Kitty went long. I just checked with her to see if anything exciting happened... but she says 'not really'. If only I had got her tagged I'd know where she went.

No matter. I suspect the longs just did a loop into Cookham and round the church because by the time we'd ambled across the field they rejoined us just in time to go up the hill to the top of the golf course. From there we went back down towards the river and along the back of Cock Marsh - tantalizingly in site of the back of the pub.

Now it was time for the second long short split. Once again I went short and Kitty long. Here's what Kitty says about this loop: "We ran up a hill. I can't really remember much else."
A shoo in for another hash write up of the year there.

That is pretty much how I remember most hashes after a couple of days though so fair enough. It must have been quite a big hill, because I had time to walk back to the car, get changed, go back to the pub and even get served before the longs started dribbling back in; and given the speed of customer service in the Bounty that's quite an impressive feat. We got chips from the landlord. Ade got chippy with the landlord. Which is all as it should be.

Roger then announced that since I had copped out (sore ankle - honest) and taken the easy route whilst my nine year old daughter had done both long loops I was to be stripped of my title. Henceforth Kitty takes the mantle of Sooper Cooper whilst I'm demoted to Mini Cooper or something.
I knew the day would come when I was overtaken by my offspring; in fact I'm surprised I've lasted this long. But whilst they can take my hash name, they can steal my chips - they'll have to prise my carpet tile from MY COLD DEAD HANDS.