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Wing Co
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WWI Trenches
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NB: At the moment we are not clearing runs with pubs beforehand. Any run listed as being from a pub is just to give a location - try not to use their car parks if you can help it.

OPERATION HASHER  (Hide And Survive Helicopter pilot Extraction & Recovery)

This is conscription survival training so please bring everything you need including gas-mask, rifle, webbing, tin hat and rations

  • Your mission after some initial trench training is to find the helicopter pilot behind enemy lines and recover the vitally important camera footage he has.
  • Ensure the correct post operation medication is consumed to counter the effects of any mustard gas you may have been exposed to behind enemy lines.
  • Britannia Pub is available for those who did not bring sufficient rations.

Irrelevant Details

Long   9Km / 5.6 miles
Short   6.8Km  / 4.1 miles
The flour is mainly on the right except for marks, 21, 25 and 33 where the land mines are.

Download a map here.

Updated 23 Feb 2021
Until we get back to proper hashing, any runs listed here will be following our covid safe rules. Please make sure you've read the latest info before coming along.

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About HWH3

High Wycombe Hash House Harriers is a friendly club that runs through the beautiful, undulating Chilterns countryside every Tuesday evening from a pub within a 10-mile radius of High Wycombe in Bucks.

You and your dog are welcome whatever your age or running ability. There's a wide range of ages and levels of fitness. No-one gets left behind (apart from that one time we don't talk about).

 Hash Away Weekend XXXXI

Is on! (so far).
We've bumped the same arrangements back a year, so we're off to Littlehampton the weekend 17-19 September 2021


Dates for your diary / dairy

Saturday, May 15, 2021
Berks! Bike! Bash!

Details still to come but there will be a bash set in the Newbury area for 11am May 15th. 19 miles with an option to cut short to 14 miles. A lovely route mainly on tracks and byways. Not a single gate or stile! There is also a pub involved afterwards which does very nice food if you would like to go along to that.

Fri 17 to Sun 19 September 2021
Hash Bash Away weekend

We've bumped the Littlehampton arrangements back a year and we're off to the seaside the weekend of 17-19 September 2021. Keep that bucket and spade on ice.